Why choosing a Guest House/B&B and not a Hotel?

With lots of Accommodation Establishments in and around Centurion, we highlight some reasons why you should rather book at a Guest House/B&B of one of our Members (Centurion Accommodation Association – CAA) to ensure a pleasant stay.

  1. More affordable

Hotel accommodation is on average more pricey compared to a Guesthouses/B&B. Our Members (CAA)  provide clean, quality accommodation at affordable and competitive rates.


  1. Personal touch

Our Members (CAA)  give guest’s individual and personal attention and can make recommendations that are customised to suit the preferences of the guest.  Guest Houses and B&B’s are smaller in size than Hotels and therefore the owner/manager and the staff will serve the guests with warmth and hospitality.


  1. Value for money

Although B&B’s and Guest Houses are more affordable than Hotels it doesn’t mean a lack of service, care and comfort. Our Members (CAA)  can offer fully equipped self-catering rooms, family rooms, single/double rooms and a delicious breakfast.  Home cook lunch/dinner can be served on request.


  1. More informal

Guest House/B&B accommodation is the way to go if you are looking for a place where you can feel at HOME.  This type of accommodation is more personal, informal and friendly without the commercialized and formal environment of Hotels.  Our Members (CAA)  will always respect the privacy of a guest.


  1. Fewer rules

Guest House/B&B accommodation establishments don’t have many rules like Hotels to keep order.  They concentrate more on making the Guests feel at home.


  1. Less sharing

Guesthouses/B&B’s are usually smaller in size. Sharing will be less of a concern with regard to the breakfast/dining room and recreation areas.  Our Members (CAA)  offer guests the option to book out an Establishment for a larger group or family gatherings, thus having the facility exclusively for your group.


  1. Location

Guest Houses/B&B’s are more widely spread in and around suburbs of big cities. It allows you the opportunity to stay close to where you need to be.  Being in a centrally located Guest House/B&B also means fewer worries about transport and being stuck in peak hour traffic.