Handy Travel Tips

We have gathered some travel tips and tricks to help you save money, avoid mistakes, and travel like a professional.  Centurion Accommodation Association (CAA) members receive local and international travellers at their establishments on a daily basis and experience the mistakes that travellers make on their trip/s.

The good news is that with a little planning, it’s easy enough to avoid some of the most common travel mistakes so you can spend your time enjoying your trip/vacation.


  • Avoid over packing: Too much luggage makes it difficult to pull/drag around and you may pay high baggage fees for exceeding the weight limit.
  • Local Currency: Local currency is important and get some before you leave the airport.  The airport’s ATM’s give you better exchange rates and always keep cash on hand.
  • Informing Bank of Your Travel Plans: Bank’s credit card divisions flag foreign transactions to avoid credit card fraud and may freeze your account.  Visit your Bank before your departure and also find out if they charge a foreign transaction fee, so that there are no surprises.
  • Get Travel Insurance: Travel insurance essentially covering yourself against travel risks such as lost or stolen luggage, cancellation cover (should you not be able to travel due to unexpected medical reasons) and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad. A travel consultant can play a vital role in the planning and research of your trip.
  • More than one flight: Allow enough time in between flights to get from one flight to another.  Flight arrivals and departures can be unpredictable and if one gets delayed, you might be forced to run through an unfamiliar airport to make your connecting flight, and you might not make it in time.
  • Free Public WIFI: Try to avoid logging into bank accounts or entering any passwords while using free public WI-FI at a place like an airport. Rather wait until you are at your accommodation provider (Guest House/Bed and Breakfast/Lodge) for a safer connection.