CAA Members Care

The members of Centurion Accommodation Association (CAA) cares about society and was involved in several social projects over the last 10 years.  During winter time the members launched a drive to collect warm water bottles for the elderly and it was handed to the Council of Elderly of Centurion.


Our members challenged each other to prepare shoe boxes with food and toiletries for distribution to elderly people in need during Christmas time.  Dr Elma Kruger of the Centurion Council for the Aged provided the CAA with a list of items that the elderly need and this “Shoe box project” was done for more than one year and it was great success.


The CAA and its members also made a donation towards the SPCA. In October 2010 we were able to donate an amount of R3 422-00 for dog food.  On another occasion the members donated bags of dog food to the SPCA to help when there was a big need.



Since 2018 the members of the CAA collected plastic bottle caps and bread tags for the Curro Hazeldean School.  When the School has 20 bags full, the Waste Group collect the caps and tags.  The school are then eligible for a wheelchair which they then can donate to an organisation or person in need.